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The word integrity is beginning to fade from our language, and the concept of integrity is fast disappearing. Dishonesty, in our world today, seemingly is all right as long as we get away with it. It is interesting to note that those who laugh at dishonesty get quite angry when they are victims of it.

Questions to ask ourselves for self exploratory spiritual surgery: Am I honest? Can my words be trusted? Do I walk a path of integrity? Do I try to deceive if the situation seems to warrant it? Do I gossip about things told to me in confidence? A big question is, “How does God view me?”

My desire is for each of us to walk in integrity,…a child of the king…with our eyes clear and our heads held high.



As a Christian, a life-principle is generosity. Generosity comes in many forms. Some people are generous because they enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings their generosity engenders. Some are generous because they don’t want or need what they are giving away.

It is important for every Christian to recognize that everything we possess is not ouirs. All of it belongs to God. This realization puts everything into perspective…it is putting God in His place and us in ours. Each of us has a job to manage His possessions in a manner pleasing to Him.

There is a big difference in what ones needs are and what ones wants are. God has promised to see to our needs but our wants? That is a different thing.

As Christians, living in a culture of me-ism, we need to be sure that we are not generous for the good feelings that being generous brings, but that the whole purpose is to bless someone. Never be generous in order to get a blessing, you must be generous to be a blessing.

My Prayer


I love You Father.

What an awesome Father You are!

Thank You most of all for the sacrifice You made in giving the life of Your son so that we might have relationship with You. What agony for both of You! What joy as He rose from the grave! 

As You know, I have four sons that You have given me, and I would not give one of them up for the sins of others. The love You have bestowed upon all of humanity is mind-blowing! I cannot comprehend it, but I am grateful for it.

Thank you for being an intimate God. You care about the slightest thing that happens in my life. You are my buckler and shield, my refuge and my comforter. Thank You for sifting through all that comes my way. There is confidence is knowing that all that happens to me is allowed by You for some purpose.

Thank You that You care for all my needs before a request is on my tongue.

You roll back the clouds to give us warmth from the sun.

You planted the earth with beauty that we might use it and enjoy it.

You water the earth that it might bear and sprout, furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater. Thank You dear Lord.

My prayer this day is that I can be a delight to You.

Help my mind, soul and spirit to be steadfast and strong in You.

"California Fan"


Hi Mary Ann:

Just wanted to let you know we are waiting to see another book about her life.  It was so good and people who have read it want a sequel about her.  I loved the story.  Very gripping. Also enjoy keeping up with all the characters.  Keep  them coming.

Love, Jo Ann

Memorial Day Poem



Took this picture yesterday...the poem, I just wrote. I remember living in Denmark and taking a trip to the WWI and WWII cemeteries in Belgium and France. Tears filled my eyes at the sight of all those crosses, as far as the eye could see...row after row of Americans who died in battle for a freedom so many of us take for granted.



I am blessed beyond measure. I thank God for His love and watchful care over me. What a comfort to have a compassionate Father Who knows our need before we do. Gracious Father, I praise You this morning for your precious gift. Thank You!

"Maggie's Redemption"


Maggie's Redemption is now available. My graphic designer hasn't added the book to this site's profile, yet, but it will be on it soon.

Book ten, not named yet, will be out this fall, and I'm writing number eleven. It's a journey I never thought to take, but I'm enjoying it!

May God's blessing rest on you head, this day! mak

"Maggie's Redemption"


Maggie's Redemption is now on Amazon, and I'll have them April excited to have book 9 out. It's a story about Maggie's life, a different and emotional read! :) mak


"Dang, woman, you're good!!"


Mary, I only have 55 pages left to read in "Eden's Portion"!!!! And I don't want to be finished with it. I LOVE your style of writing, and will be ready for #7 very soon. 

Now if you could just figure out a way to give me the definition of a word when I highlight it, that would be

I read so much on my tablet, and having definitions of words is something I got used to.  Still, I do love holding a REAL book in my hand.

Love you, friend.....and thank you, Lord, for giving Mary her gift of writing!!!



"Maggie's Redemption"


Just a note to let you know that Maggie's Redemption is being edited. I went back to Maggie, Liberty's maid turned friend, in Liberty's Inheritance and Liberty's Land and did a book on her life. My editor wrote to me, saying, "A very different story! Highly dramatic and gripping."

Kind words, but it is a good read. Hoping to have it out by watching for it! 

Anyone who reads my posts are welcome to connect with me on FB...just message me that you have read my blog and would like to connect. Then send me an invitation. I check my FB nearly every day. can make comments here on my blog.

Blessings to you!


"It was one of the best"


It was one of the best - it seems you are getting better and better.  Liberty is still the Matriarch of your series.  I'm amazed how you have made the characters come alive.  You kept me in suspense until the last page.  I loved Thad, Ginger and Chloe.  Keep up the great stories..  Love, Jo Ann.  from CA

"Comments on Anne's Wedding Bargain"


Hello Mary Ann:  Remember, before you read this, that you asked for my comments ---

1st, I have not read it yet as I was finishing up reading the book, Endurance, by Scott Kelly -- the astronaut who spent a year in space.  Very interesting.

So, Jo Ann started reading your book -- on Friday and here it is Monday and she just finished it.  (She has had a cold and lots of naps to help get over that.)  Meanwhile, she has not cooked any meals for me and I am starving!  All she has done is read your book.  It's like I am not even here.  Horrible.  I am so hungry.   So, I already have a bias when I start reading your book. 😇

Jo Ann really liked the book!  She basically could not put it down, not even to cook dinner for me.

--Bill from Palo Alto, CA




I loved, loved, loved "Tory's Father".
I kept reading faster and faster to find out how it ended. But now, I'm sad because it ended!!!
Just wanted you to know how wonderful it is...and what a wonderful author you are. I know God is smiling at you! 

Love ya,

Cathy (from Yakima, WA)
PS....I'm ready for the next one!!!  


"Anne's Wedding Bargain"


Anne's Wedding Bargain is on its way! I do more writing than marketing! My 9th book, Maggie's Redemption will be out this spring, and I'm a quarter of the way through my 10th name yet. Thank you all for your patience! I am working on my blogging skills and hope to do better. May this day you feel wrapped in the arms of a Savior Who loves you and sacrificed all that you may have life!



"Cady's Legacy"


Wow...I am so bad about blogging...I really need to improve! Here's an update on what's been happening!

Cady's Legacy is 7th book. I can scarcely believe I've written the 8th, which will be called, The Wedding Bargain, unless I change it to fit the format of the others...i.e. Anne's Wedding Bargain or maybe just Anne's Bargain. I am nearly finished with book 9 which will be called Maggie's Redemption.

I went back to before Liberty hired Maggie...actually to Maggie's birth in Ireland. Readers will enjoy it, I'm sure. A few of the scenes are parallels of Liberty's Inheritance because some of Maggie's story is, of course, tied up with Liberty.

Blessings to all of you...mak


Christmas is nearly here!


Christmas is nearly here. Amid all the bustle of getting ready for family, I'm sitting here contemplating the fact that I love God, but not nearly the way I should. I think about my failures and lack of good sense...comments I've made that would have been better unsaid. It is a truism that none of us love enough. As I think about this, I realize the greatest truth in the universe is not that I love God, but that He loves me. God's very nature is love. I do not work to get is simply there. I do try to be a delight to Him...He who gave His son to this world that we might know more of who He is. He who created a path for us to enjoy fellowship. All that He is, is ours...He is love. My prayer this morning is that I can be love to those around me, that I can be a reflection of that perfect love that He is.

And My people


This morning I was reading from Jeremiah 31. I came to verse 14 and read from the second part of the verse:  "'And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness,' declares the Lord."  It brought to my mind how many times we yearn for the things of this earth...and nothing brings satisfaction. God has designed us to worship...we have an innate nature of wanting to worship, but we have replaced the worship of God the Creator, to things created or ideas contrary to God.

This day, I would ask you to keep God foremost in your thoughts. Meditate on Him day and night as His word tells us to do. The fulfillment of self comes from God...let us worship Him in spirit and in truth.

"Focus on God"


We were designed to fully function when we love God first, above all things. There are so many things clamoring for our attention, but our first allegiance is to God, and Him alone. Our self tries to break in and take over. I find that when I focus on God and stand at the cross and the sacrifices made for me, I am in awe of such love. I want to love God like that.