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As a Christian, a life-principle is generosity. Generosity comes in many forms. Some people are generous because they enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings their generosity engenders. Some are generous because they don’t want or need what they are giving away.

It is important for every Christian to recognize that everything we possess is not ouirs. All of it belongs to God. This realization puts everything into perspective…it is putting God in His place and us in ours. Each of us has a job to manage His possessions in a manner pleasing to Him.

There is a big difference in what ones needs are and what ones wants are. God has promised to see to our needs but our wants? That is a different thing.

As Christians, living in a culture of me-ism, we need to be sure that we are not generous for the good feelings that being generous brings, but that the whole purpose is to bless someone. Never be generous in order to get a blessing, you must be generous to be a blessing.