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" I am editing Eden's Portion right now"


I am editing Eden's Portion right now, right now this very second. I needed to end my editing year on a high note, and when I was determining which manuscript would give me that, it wasn't hard. Eden's Portion won by a large margin. So I cleared off every other manuscript and started Eden's Portion last week. It's my last one this year! And I'm so excited that I get to wind down my amazing year with this book.

You've done some great things with Eden's Portion that you haven't done in any of the other books. You'll see where I note this in comments too, but one night, I was editing merrily along. Eight o'clock rolled around, and I thought, I'm getting tired. I should probably stop...and then WHAM! I was like, what? What has she done? I could not stop editing. You've taken a different mystery track with this one, and it's good. Really good. And that Eden...she's a bit of firecracker, that one. And I love Adam. And those young men's parent...whew! It's just a great story line, and I can see a bit of evolution in your writing style. You're really upping the stakes and the suspense, and it's creating an amazing effect. Mary Ann...truly, nicely done!

So here I am on this wintery, snowy morning, enjoying my cup of coffee (okay, mocha. I don't drink coffee straight), editing what will probably be the best story I've edited all year (as much as I loved Tory's Father, and you know I did, you've taken your writing to the next level with Eden's Portion). Can life get any better? I'm thinking it can't. Thanks for giving me this experience!

I'm taking my time and enjoying every minute of it. The tension is so high, even when the conflict ebbs a bit (a room description, say), I can't wait to see what's around the corner.

So, no, not too busy at all. Just savoring this story. I hope you don't mind!

Your friend and the most avid reader of your fiction,