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"Liberty's Land is Coming Soon!"



Hey there, readers of Liberty's Inheritance,

I can officially say Liberty's Land is in the works and hopefully will be out by the first of June!

I am so excited. This is the book that deals with white female slavery which was at its peak in 1885 from Europe. Liberty is building her house, learning to cook, growing to love her newly found father and grandmother. You won't want to miss Liberty's Land!

"Liberty's Land" is arriving...


Hello to my fans!

Liberty's Land is nearing final edits and will be available in about four months. I'm very excited and will keep you posted as to details.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and that your hearts seek a closer walk with Jesus in this coming year!

Happy New Year and Blessings on each of you!

Mary Ann

Edits are painful but worth it!

Relevant Studios

This has been quite an experience, having my book edited and me editing it. My editor and I are trying to hone the book into one that you will ejoy, savor, and hopefully read again and again. I am learning a few new tricks of the trade and since I've already written three more books, I am able to apply what I've learned.

Editing is an author, you feel that everything you've written, needs to be included. I am now seeing that the editing process, although painful, is chopping a lot of the unnecessary, to stick to the focus of the story.