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"Comments on Anne's Wedding Bargain"


Hello Mary Ann:  Remember, before you read this, that you asked for my comments ---

1st, I have not read it yet as I was finishing up reading the book, Endurance, by Scott Kelly -- the astronaut who spent a year in space.  Very interesting.

So, Jo Ann started reading your book -- on Friday and here it is Monday and she just finished it.  (She has had a cold and lots of naps to help get over that.)  Meanwhile, she has not cooked any meals for me and I am starving!  All she has done is read your book.  It's like I am not even here.  Horrible.  I am so hungry.   So, I already have a bias when I start reading your book. 😇

Jo Ann really liked the book!  She basically could not put it down, not even to cook dinner for me.

--Bill from Palo Alto, CA