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" I did not figure out the culprit beforehand"


Hello Mary Ann: I just finished reading Eden’s Portion and I will have to admit that I did not figure out the culprit beforehand.  Interesting because I usually have a very good idea who did it.  How did you do that?  I must be slipping.  Jo Ann is reading the book now.

And, as always you make me use Webster’s Dictionary – 7 times this book.  I usually have a clue but the way you use the words I always look it up to make sure I have the correct meaning based on the complete sentence.  Usually the words are not in my day-to-day vocabulary.  Oh well, I enjoy them.

Fash = (page ??)   pulchritudinous – (page 31)    arrant boor – (page 153)    quint – (page 156) bibelots – (page 190)   minxish – (page 215)    inimical – (page 225)

Thanks for writing.  Keep it up.

All is well,

Bill (From Palo Alto, CA)