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"Caitlin's Fire was as captivating…"


Caitlin's Fire was as captivating and enchanting as your first stories.  You do a great job of describing the characters and explaining what they are thinking along the way.  Both the noble characters and the villains are portrayed realistically, and the story line is not predictable.  I appreciate the honesty of the Christian characters as they express their true fears and insecurities, but are still able to find relief when they give give their concerns to God.  I also appreciate the joy, vitality, and passion for life that those believers experience.  They express the same heart of thanksgiving and abundant life that I have experienced in my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I think some novelists or screen writers believe that adventure and an interesting plot only come out of a life of sin and mistakes, but I have found, and your stories demonstrate as well, that a life of following Jesus is full of excitement and adventure.  I hope many of your readers will experience the same peace, joy, and satisfaction that your characters do as they choose Jesus as their own Savior too.  Thank you, Mary, for sharing your great gift of story telling with us.
   -Rosie, from Washington State