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"The covers on my books"


Some of you may wonder, without checking, how the covers on my books are so eye-catching. My youngest son, Andrew, is a graphic designer in Portland, OR. His speciality is branding, but it seems everything he does makes a body pause and look.

When I sent Liberty's Inheritance to Tate Publishing, I told Andrew, "If they put a woman's face on the cover, I'm going to be upset!" He sent me the train and asked, "How do you like this?" I liked it so well, I sent it to Tate and then told him afterward. All eight graphic designers voted on Andrew's cover. It has made my books even more special to me.

After Liberty's Inheritance came out, he gave me the picture on the back, of Matthew's Rancho, for a Christmas Present. This past Christmas I got a framed picture of Liberty's Heritage which fit into my livingroom's theme of lighthouses and fisherman.

Another bonus to not having a woman's face on the cover is that men are enjoying the stories, too. I didn't think of it before, but I don't think a man would pick up the book if a woman's face was on it.