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Hi Mary, (March 8th) 

Just wanted to write a few lines to thank you, again, for the generous gift of your first book.

 I finished the book I was reading, and started on yours.  Even though I am only into it about 100 pages so far, I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Most of the time, I feel like I am taking that ride with Liberty and Maggie to California.  You have a wonderful way of description without being overdone.  Many authors use SO MUCH descriptive phrases, that I get bored and skip it…..not you.  For me, it is just the right amount….enough so that I am thoroughly entwined in the story and surroundings, but not so much that I am bored with it.

 Your characters are so believable. For example, I feel like I know Mr. Humphries so well.

 And, I love the scripture at the beginning of the chapters.  I try to figure out what will happen by the verses you use. J

 I’ll close now (or this will be a book in itself….haha).  Just wanted you to know that when I have to lay the book down, I anticipate the time when I can pick it up again.  And, now I’m excited about the whole series.  We’ll be driving at least 6,000 miles this summer, so I feel a Liberty marathon coming!!!   LOL

 Thanks again so much, Mary.  God definitely blessed you with the gift of writing.


(Hi Mary, just finished the book. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!! March 11th) 



" I am editing Eden's Portion right now"


I am editing Eden's Portion right now, right now this very second. I needed to end my editing year on a high note, and when I was determining which manuscript would give me that, it wasn't hard. Eden's Portion won by a large margin. So I cleared off every other manuscript and started Eden's Portion last week. It's my last one this year! And I'm so excited that I get to wind down my amazing year with this book.

You've done some great things with Eden's Portion that you haven't done in any of the other books. You'll see where I note this in comments too, but one night, I was editing merrily along. Eight o'clock rolled around, and I thought, I'm getting tired. I should probably stop...and then WHAM! I was like, what? What has she done? I could not stop editing. You've taken a different mystery track with this one, and it's good. Really good. And that Eden...she's a bit of firecracker, that one. And I love Adam. And those young men's parent...whew! It's just a great story line, and I can see a bit of evolution in your writing style. You're really upping the stakes and the suspense, and it's creating an amazing effect. Mary Ann...truly, nicely done!

So here I am on this wintery, snowy morning, enjoying my cup of coffee (okay, mocha. I don't drink coffee straight), editing what will probably be the best story I've edited all year (as much as I loved Tory's Father, and you know I did, you've taken your writing to the next level with Eden's Portion). Can life get any better? I'm thinking it can't. Thanks for giving me this experience!

I'm taking my time and enjoying every minute of it. The tension is so high, even when the conflict ebbs a bit (a room description, say), I can't wait to see what's around the corner.

So, no, not too busy at all. Just savoring this story. I hope you don't mind!

Your friend and the most avid reader of your fiction,

"Christmas way!"


I have to say, I love this post...Bill, although I've never met him, has become a real fan...and so has his wife! :)

Mary Ann:  A very special "thank you" for accomplishing something that has eluded me for the past 55 years.  I was getting ready to go out and about and Jo Ann was reading your latest book, Troy's Father.  I asked if she wanted to go shopping with me and she said "no".  I about fainted and checked to see if she had her hearing aids in and heard me correctly.  She said she was intrigued and engrossed in the book and could not put it down to go shopping.  Whaaaatt???  That is a first.

Well, I picked myself up off the floor and quickly left the house.  What is going on?  Jo Ann did not want to go shopping?  That must be some book you have written.

I will read it after Christmas.  All the best to you,

Bill Taylor

"Tory's Father is on order!!"


Tory's Father is completed and approved for printing! I am so excited to be able to offer another book before Christmas! Although the price on my site lists the books at $19.99, I've dropped the price on all the books to a flat $15.00 no tax. Shipping usually costs $5.65 to $5.95. I am pumped as I just completed the approval of printing Tory's Father. I should have them by the 5th of December! Tory's Father is my fifth book and a stand alone. I had thought to not include Liberty, but she pops up midway through the book and plays an important role, of course. What's fun for readers of my A Woman of Entitlement series is that in this book Liberty is only 21 and married to the contemptible Armand Bouvier...the year is 1875. Enjoy...enjoy!!!

Don't blunt the truth for fear of hurting feelings.


"”The saw of truth is being blunted by our culture and therefore needs constant sharpening. Scripture’s major doctrines (such as the doctrine of sin) needs regular restatement so people understand just what our Lord wants to save us from. To talk about a Savior but not what we are saved from is to just tell half the story. When we ignore or tone down the lethal reality of sin we cut the nerve of the gospel."  

Quote by Selwyn Hughes


Hey everyone! The announcement is:

Inklings Bookshop is having a local author's fair next Saturday, August 8th from 11:00 to 3:00…Come meet author's and peruse some books. As an author, myself, I am grateful to Inklings for their wonderful support of local authors. Thanks Inklings!!


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"Caitlin's Fire was as captivating…"


Caitlin's Fire was as captivating and enchanting as your first stories.  You do a great job of describing the characters and explaining what they are thinking along the way.  Both the noble characters and the villains are portrayed realistically, and the story line is not predictable.  I appreciate the honesty of the Christian characters as they express their true fears and insecurities, but are still able to find relief when they give give their concerns to God.  I also appreciate the joy, vitality, and passion for life that those believers experience.  They express the same heart of thanksgiving and abundant life that I have experienced in my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I think some novelists or screen writers believe that adventure and an interesting plot only come out of a life of sin and mistakes, but I have found, and your stories demonstrate as well, that a life of following Jesus is full of excitement and adventure.  I hope many of your readers will experience the same peace, joy, and satisfaction that your characters do as they choose Jesus as their own Savior too.  Thank you, Mary, for sharing your great gift of story telling with us.
   -Rosie, from Washington State

"So my Dad is a fantastic BBQ man."


So my Dad is a fantastic BBQ man. His chicken is simply amazing... usually. A few days ago it was burnt and almost inedible. I blame Aunt Mary. Why? You know a book is good when someone forgets they are cooking till the fire department needs to be called.

Readin Caitlin's Fire and he couldn't put it down.

Alana Jean


"It always blesses me"


I just want my readers to know how blessed I am when you write me and say, "I couldn't put your book down!" or "When's the next one coming out?".

Those are the two most common comments. I give God all the glory for these stories. He has given me a creativity I never knew I possessed. What fun, to do something people enjoy and feel so blessed doing it at the same time! Although only four are published so far, I am in the middle of my eighth. So readers…keep reading! 


Mary Ann

"I love the truths"


 I love the truths you tuck in the story that teach powerful principles that find me saying bravo!!! And I love your descriptions. You're the first author that I have thoroughly enjoyed you describing the decores and scenery. You make a room come alive to me and I want to redecorate my house with your colors.

Irene from Florida

"I'm at the part with Liberty,"


So I'm at my mom's, where I'm staying while I attend the NWCWA writers' conference. First thing she says is, "I'm at the part with Liberty, and I'm so glad she's in the book. And I think Matthew is the man who lost his memory."

She's having such a great time with Caitlin's Fire! It's such a joy to see this! I had to share.

Hope you're feeling better!


Dori (my editor at Breakout Editing)


"Eden's Portion"


I know it's been awhile since I blogged. I need to get better at it! Life has a way of pushing in and when I have time, it seems I'm writing!

Some of you participated in a contest for book 6, (whenever it comes out)! Book 4 will be out this spring. It's at my son, Andrew's, for internal design and cover work. It's Caitlin's FireTory's Father is the name of book 5 and the name of book 6 will be Eden's Portion. It had a significantly higher vote than Sunrise Canyon. I like both names, so it didn't matter which one won.

Thanks to those of you who participated…it was fun!  mak


Name that Book!


For those of you who didn't participate on Facebook, or even if you did, please vote on the name for book six. I know, I know, Caitlin's Fire, my fourth isn't out yet, but I'm thinking ahead. I have completed my seventh manuscript. I have named book five, Tory's Father. Book six is either Eden's Portion or Sunrise Canyon.  You get to pick.

Not the best at Blogging!


I know I'm not the best at blogging, but I am going to do better for those of you who are interested! I know I have a lot of fans out there, but I have neglected you as far as blogging goes. Please forgive me…I will do better in the future! :)


"The covers on my books"


Some of you may wonder, without checking, how the covers on my books are so eye-catching. My youngest son, Andrew, is a graphic designer in Portland, OR. His speciality is branding, but it seems everything he does makes a body pause and look.

When I sent Liberty's Inheritance to Tate Publishing, I told Andrew, "If they put a woman's face on the cover, I'm going to be upset!" He sent me the train and asked, "How do you like this?" I liked it so well, I sent it to Tate and then told him afterward. All eight graphic designers voted on Andrew's cover. It has made my books even more special to me.

After Liberty's Inheritance came out, he gave me the picture on the back, of Matthew's Rancho, for a Christmas Present. This past Christmas I got a framed picture of Liberty's Heritage which fit into my livingroom's theme of lighthouses and fisherman.

Another bonus to not having a woman's face on the cover is that men are enjoying the stories, too. I didn't think of it before, but I don't think a man would pick up the book if a woman's face was on it.

"I have an editor!"


Today I hired Dori Harrell, a freelance editor at Breakout Editing. I am so excited to have such a talented and professional editor to edit my stories. She is a Christian, which is a necessity for me. I have complete confidence she will make my books even better for my readers. You can check her out online at; it's a beautiful website. She has tons of writing experience and will be a perfect fit for me.

You, my readers, deserve the best I have to offer and having my stories professionally edited will make a better read for you! 

God Bless you!



"As you can surmise,"


As you can surmise, I want the fourth book when it comes out. I read the last two in a week. They are such terrific books. Waiting anxiously for the next one.

Mary from Spokane, WA

"Liberty's Heritage, loved every page!


I have just finished your third book, Liberty’s Heritage, and loved every page!  The way you wove the previous books into this third book was incredible.  I have never read a book that was both a sequel and prequel to a previous book in a series-very creative and well done!  I bonded with your new characters and gained a deeper appreciation of the previous characters.  Most of all, I treasured how each characters that had a relationship with God, spoke to God and shared his or her love to Him in their own unique ways.  Just as God loves each of us individually, we can share our love to Him in our own individual ways.  I am looking forward to the next book! 

Rosie (missionary in Fiji)